Research & Development Innovation

J&D Wilkie Research and Development InnovationJ&D Wilkie have a proven working history of developing new textile products and new product ranges for many different technical applications.

Using their ability to combine the wide in-house skill base of engineering, textiles, composites and chemistry, J&D Wilkie will provide tailor made solutions to your exact requirements. The extensive contacts within raw material suppliers, a range of academia & industrial partners allows J&D Wilkie access to a large global knowledge network of textiles and composites. This valuable knowledge can be utilised during development or passed straight to the customers.

J&D Wilkie Textile InnovationJ&D Wilkie have a dedicated & skilled team who can utilise the latest in textile production technology, as well as a range of specialist and unique equipment within the in-house development department.

We can supply a vast range of samples very quickly to allow you to assess your opportunity with the minimum of cost. Please contact J&D Wilkie if you have a textile product or idea which you would like to discuss.