Company History

J&D Wilkie Factory, Pre WarThe company was established by James and David Wilkie in 1868, and continues now in private ownership maintaining it's heritage in textiles. They have specialised in synthetic filament and spun yarn weaving in recent years, but historically, like many others, J&D Wilkie was founded as a jute weaver.

J&D Wilkie has seen a lot of changes through the years with current textile products and processes probably unrecognisable to its founders. They have grown as a company through constant change and innovative development of textile products. With over 140 years of textile experience, and their products travelling to every corner of the globe, they now pride themselves on being one of the top technical textile weavers in Europe.

Their aim is to provide products that are tailor made for specific market areas, backed by technical and support services which reflect the value of many years of experience.

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