Industrial Sewing Design, Manufacturing and Production Services.

Where are we located?

J&D Wilkie have a Scottish based commercial and industrial sewing company with facilities in Scotland and around the world. At J&D Wilkie we process a wide range of fabrics that have a broad range of commercial and industrial applications.

J&D Wilkie Group World Map
Cut, Make, Trim Team

J&D Wilkie Technical Team

Our team has over 50 years’ experience in design, product development and manufacturing. This means we can advise not only on the latest Cut, Make and Trim Technology, Applications and Services but we can also give you the benefit of our huge wealth of experience with the ‘tried and tested’.

Design Process and Fabric Sewing

With our experienced team, we work closely with you, the customer, to take a product from the concept design stage to pre-production approval while producing an accurate costing of the entire process. We use CAD software for all our design development work, right through to production. We can work with you to develop new designs and prototypes, right through to production and manufacturing stage.

Production Facilities

Our manufacturing processes are flexible enough to allow the production to be carried out either at our purpose built facility in Scotland or at one of our offshore factories located around the world depending on the product manufacturing requirements.

Industrial Sewing

We currently specialise in the design and manufacture of custom sewn components for just about any commercial application, these are mainly heavy duty industry standard sewn products which includes such diverse products as:

  • Thermal Covers and Solar Panels for the MoD
  • Vehicle Covers
  • Custom Built Tarpaulin Covers
  • Customised Industrial Sewing
  • Vinyl and Fabric Welding,
  • PPE Body Armour (Jack Ellis Body Protection)
  • Covers
  • Bespoke pieces for Exhibitions

Industrial CMT Sewing Services

Garment Sewing

We have another established division that produces ballistic vests, from this current knowledge of specialist protective clothing, we are developing this further to offer clothing such as Fire Resistant/Chemical Proof garments and accessories. Our team can work from unique design specifications where we can use our knowledge to source specialist fabrics and trims, and produce first samples for approval of cost and quality before starting production.

Cut Make and Trim Service

We can also offer Cut Make and Trim (CMT) manufacturing requirements, call us to discuss UK and Offshore production availability with our strict quality control in place and fast turnaround.

Why come to us?

The experience and capabilities or our design and engineering team together with our unbeatable customer service means that we are able to meet our client’s unique specifications in a timely manner whilst still providing the highest quality control standards in the industry today. Telephone us today on +44 (0)1575 572 502 or email us at